Commercial Design: Design tips for new business owners

Updated: Aug 30

Commercial Design: It all starts with a dream!

How to create a space your customers would love!

Your business is just that YOURS. Allow your business to be reflection of who you are and what you want to be represented as. Space is by definition a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied. What does this mean? Your business your personal canvas, make it into whatever you like. The goal is that your customers feel your presence in the space, and feel welcomed.

Don't overcrowd your space, make sure that their eyes flow around the room, and at every point when your customers eyes settle. Let their be a piece of you or something that represents you. Your customers will appreciate a place with a story and a history behind. Just as every person has a story so does every room and every space.


While many places try to stray away from quotes on the walls in their workplace or in their place of business. It is something to be said about the right quote, in the right spot on the right wall.


An inviting quote or message can not only entertain and encourage current customers, it can also attract new customers. Make a difference, take a stand. Create a space that is not only welcoming but enjoyable for your customers and staff.

BIG, BOLD, UNFORGETTABLE MESSAGING. Let your messaging be a statement piece, let it be a representation of your brand.

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